Critics choice

 The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (formerly known as the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award



KB Homes

Kaufman & Broad, the largest home builder in the county.


Various logos |  From Fortune 500 too small start-up companies.

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I believe that a professional appearance and well-strategised branding will help your company build trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. People are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal.

Define how you want to be perceived. When your customers have finished using your product or service, how do you want them to describe their experience?

Be consistent.

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BFCA Critics Choice Awards

Lead director for creating a branding campaign that helped launch BFCA. Designed and produced illustrations, which gave the campaign a grand Hollywood, look. Featuring a large format poster and print collateral.

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American Boardsports

Created visual guidelines that addressed color and typography that distinguished the product from its competition. Provided a strong guideline for writing copy, creating campaigns and utilizing social media.

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KB Homes - Kaufman & Broad

Kaufman & Broad, the largest home builder in the county, desired fresh and exciting marketing campaigns. Our“Plots of Love” campaign created billboards, newspaper ads, postcards, door hangers and radio spots with innovative and catchy ad phrases to appeal to first-time home buyers. With localized ad placement and a media blitz, the campaign was a tremendous hit with new home buyers.

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Brand Logos

While it’s easy (and fun) to jump into the visual aspects of a logo design brief, it’s always better to start with the WHY.  In this case, background information, goals on you and your business. SMD we are more than just computer operators: we understand people, products, industries and how to choose compatible aesthetics for these aspects in your business.