Ashley Furniture – Case Study

Ashley Furniture – Case Study

Ashley Furniture Franchisee Portal. Online access to company branding materials including : Full DAM system,, Full editable Commercial TV Spots, Online Print Collateral:



Phase I: Strategy & Research

I began by asking questions, a lot of questions. To effectively produce the desired results, l needed to understand their self-image, identify their target audience, establish goals, and set project parameters. Next l did extensive research about their intended audience and studied the competition. After gathering this pertinent information l defined the design problems and created a comprehensive plan to correct the problem. Part of the plan involved selecting the platform the site needed to be built on for maximum load balancing. We chose AWS (Amazon Web Services) on an s3 Bucket using. net which had the greatest flexibility. Then SMD created sitemaps and flow charts. Each section was tested for flow and UX by all invested users.


Phase II: Creative Exploration & UI Development

This is where SMD began to introduce intuitive thinking into our problem-solving process. Through creative thinking exercises and collaborative discourse SMD developed ideas to visually express their core message. Every choice, from layout and color to type size and style was made with the communication goals in mind. The most outstanding ideas from the initial concepts were chosen for development and further refined. SMD then turned these concepts into comprehensive UI work flows for prototyping and refining user


Online Broadcast TV and Radio Spots: Franchisee content editing and distribution for localization and nationwide station delivery.


Online Print Collateral: Franchisee online orders, Realtime editing, Approval and Distribution. InDesign script based editing abilities using your brand approved inDesign
files. Edited and print ready files sent straight to the vendors facility.


All the planning in the world is wasted without proper execution. At this phase SMD sweated the details, ensuring that every element worked to aid the communication goal of the project. SMD built the system in .Net with all assets on a AWS S3 bucket to ensure cross platform with Elastic Load Balancing. This resulted in a clean cross-country branding integration system.

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension : New architecture and UI interface.


Edison : Full restructure and new UI/X experience. Worked within a team of copy writers and designers.


First American Title Company

First American Title Company wanted to launch a campaign for their new CD-ROM software, branded the product, designed packaging, a website, created a Flash presentation and trade show graphics. The challenge was to highlight the ground-breaking features of this revolutionary software in an aggressive fashion without compromising the conservative image of First American or appearing too ostentatious to their corporate patrons.
Crayola – Hallmark

Crayola – Hallmark

When launching a series of children’s animated videos, Crayola and Hallmark Entertainment turned to our market expertise Creating the line look and keyart, we devised a final product that was visually effective and kept each joint venture company in the spotlight. Producing the Crayola green stripping systems and packaging,
a compelling story was created through a visual approach.

Kuafman & Broad – KB Homes



Kaufman & Broad, the largest home builder in the county, desired fresh and exciting marketing campaigns. Our“Plots of Love” campaign created billboards, newspaper ads, postcards, door hangers and radio spots with innovative and catchy ad phrases to appeal to first-time home buyers. With localized ad placement and a media blitz, the campaign was a tremendous hit with new home buyers.



DISNEY – interactive

    Created a concept and design for a Disney Online Power Rangers Portal. The objective was to create an exciting interactive experience for the user, who gained admission to the hidden Power Rangers Command Central. Once there, the user could access all 16 Power Ranger’s series and use their own personal ranger.


    Broadcast film critics association




      Lead director on creating a branding campaign that help launch BFCA. Designed and produced illustrations, which gave the campaign a grand Hollywood, look. Featuring a large format poster and print collateral.

      Mike Miller – Writer Director


        Mike Miller wanted a clean, elegant website with several videos that could be seen on all mobile devices.






        Disney-Pirates browsers-variant-1

        Worked on several projects for Disney Interactive including : Interface design for , Handy Mandy, Tigger & Pooh, Disney Princess’s  and Disney Fairies. Full branding projects for the Online Pirates of the Caribbean Game.

        Kate Woods – Director

          Kate came to SMDesign to look for help with promoting her directing skills using scene selections of her work. The home page included some high energy video to create interest in the user when first coming to the website. This was a fully responsive website that can be seen on all devices.





            JBL Professional sought to distill their commitment to quality in manufacturing and the promotion of the perfect sound wave. We brought this desire alive through advertising, promotions, collateral materials and product.

            Vitapath -IMPACT BAr


              SMDesign Revamped the entire look of IMPACT meal replacement bars from Vitapath geared towards attracting young, fit and active women. Developed the conceptual design, packaging, print collateral and web site.




                Nestlé is the biggest food group in the world. SMDesign responded with a dynamic visual line and sales materials – including mock-ups. Nestlé enjoyed one of its best product launches, grabbing market share beyond original expectations.

                American Board Sports

                  02.ABS stationry

                  Branding of a new sports range of water board sports with a full featured style guide.


                  Sun Microsystems, Inc

                  Sun Microsystems, Inc.


                  My Art

                  My Art

                  Examples of my Art.



                    EMI-Capital Special Markets Division represents a vast list of star performers. Mixing a rich blend of imagery and color, SMDesign
                    constructed stylized ads, brochures and music samples that symbolized 50 years of talent.

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